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Developer Documentation

As a developer getting to know how flexible and powerful Simple Payment can be for you is important to simplify any integrations you need in the future.

Simple Payment offers you the following:

  • Shortcode
  • Payment Forms
  • Customized Template (Theme Form)
  • Customized Engine (Theme Engine)

We will try to cover here in general overview and might provide more information in detail for each section in the near future.


The Simple Payment shortcode [ simple_payment ] allows you to customize how the payment form operates; it allows you to use different payment forms, with each different Product Name or Price, different Payment Gateway – see the more detailed information on shortcodes in our shortcode page.

Payment Forms

For your convinence we have preestablished forms; some based and require Bootstrap v4 or Legacy form. Each form presents different input fields to the user; so it easy to use it based on your needs; with address/no address, donation form with free text for the user to set the amount, etc.

Checkout our Form Examples section for more details.

Theme Form / Template

If you didn’t find any of our pre-established forms for what you need; just copy it, adjust it and set it in your theme directory and use this one to adapt to your need!

Theme Engine / Payment Gateway

If your Payment Gateway engine is not in our list; use our framework to build your own, it is actually quite simple, you extend our Engine class and override 3 main functions:

  • Pre-process: Prepares any information, create transaction id, or calls remote provider API to request a payment link
  • Process: Call provider API to process the credit card information or redirect the user to the payment link
  • Post-process: Obtain data, create orders/records, or send confirmation email or document.

Check out our detailed technical specification: Custom Engine


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