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Data types and fields that are used in Simple Payment, you might see this data fields in reports, Zapier, or may use this to bind data when developing your custom integration or custom engine.

DataField NameDescription
card_ownerCard Owner name
card_numberCard number
expiry_monthExpiry month 2 digits month (01-12)
expiry_yearExpiry year 4 digits year (ex. 2019)
cvvCVV code
card_owner_idCard Owner ID – sometimes required by payment gateways
currencyCurrency using ISO 3 letter currency codes
amountAmount to charge, decimal
productProduct or concept that will be used in receipt (only single product is supported)
product_codeProduct code, could be internal product code, or might be sent, depending on payment gateway.
first_nameFirst name
last_nameLast name
full_nameFull name, if no first_name, last_name exits, full name will be used; first word as first name, the rest as last name
phonePhone number
mobileMobile phone number
emailE-mail address will be used to send a receipt if payment gateway supports it
addressAddress, as street name
address2Additional address information
commentAddress or invoice comment
tax_idCustomer Tax ID / VAT ID to apply invoice
paymentsPossible values: single, installment, recurring
installments# installments to apply
languageInterface or document language, depending payment gateway
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