idnullPost or Page ID to fetch data from (title / amount)
amountnullAmount to fix for charge (if null tries to fetch from current post, or post id)
productnullProduct or Service name that will appear on the charge, will also work with: title, concept
currencynullCurrency ISO 3 Chars standard
typeformForm/ Button/ Template- should shortcode render a button or a complete form
targetnullForm target or button A HREF target attribute
formlegacySome predefined forms inclueded in the plugin; Legacy, Bootstrap, Expermintal
templatenullTemplate to use as form, relative to theme folder example: theme-payment.php
amount_fieldamountCustom field to use for amount
product_fieldnullCustom field to use for product name, if null uses post title
redirect_urlnullRedirect after successful transactions (depending on engine funcionality)
enginePayPalAvailable Payment Engines
methodnullPayment method, if supported by engine, some support PayPal, Credit, Debit etc.
enable_queryfalseEnable overwrite of query parameters for product title / amount