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Simple Payment now integrates as Payment Gateway to your WooCommerce – it is easy, and transparent.

You use WooCommerce to enable Simple Payment and then get the support of all Simple Payment Engine and that way use Simple Payment more precise configurations and features.


  • All Simple Payment supported Payment Gateways (Engines)
  • Integrate form directly into WooCommerce Checkout page
  • Integrate form as Modal, IFRAME or Redirect to Payment Gateway page
  • Configure Invoice Subject (Custom text or use; the item name)
  • Extend custom form template

How to make it Work?

  1. Install & Activate Simple Payment Plugin
  2. Goto WooCommerce -> Settings
  3. Goto to the Payments tab
  4. Enable Simple Payment
  5. Use extended configuration if needed
WooCommerce Payments Settings
WooCommerce Simple Payment Settings (Part 1)
WooCommerce Simple Payment Settings (Pard 2)
WooCommerce Credit Card In-Form (for supported Payment Gateways)
WooCommerce Modal Form (for supported Payment Gateways)
WooCommerce Integration as IFRAME Payment Gateway
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