• Simple Payment | Wordpress Plugin for integrating Payment Gateways

Simple Payment Currently supports a variety of Payment Processing Gateways, that’s the beauty of it; all with the same interface, workflows, and simplicity, allowing your businesses to start with a certain processing provider and with growth change without the need to change any code or plugins.

As a WordPress Developer; it’s a no brainer. Use Simple Payment no important what your customer processing payment requirements. same implementation on all of your WordPress websites.

It is important to understand that no Payment Gateways are made the same, meaning some minor adjustments should be considered, for example, the main difference is among Processing Gateways that enable (or require) to send via API the credit card information, and some requires to redirect to their service to show a form, for example: PayPal vs Braintree or Cardcom vs iCount.

Our currently supported engines: PayPal, Cardcom, iCount and we add new Engine every month.

If you wish to propose a Payment Gateway: submit your request